Primary Source Collections

JP Migne

Patrologiae cursus completus, which includes Patrologia Latina (and Supplementum) and the Patrologiae Graecae

Patrologia Latina  (PL) includes works of the Fathers from Tertullian in 200 CE to Pope Innocent III in 1216

Patrologiae Graecae (PG) (1857-1866) includes works of the Fathers in the Greek language.  There are 161 volumes.

There are two fantastic indexes on the Latin Patrology and the Greek Patrology
Other great indexes on the Greek Patrology and the Latin Patrology
Further archives on PG and PL 
Fantastic indexed directory by author of PG, with edited PDF (!!!) 
Here’s a complete TOC for volumes 1-18 of PG 
 Here’s a detailed and thoroughly complete TOC of PG and TOC of PL

Corpus Christianorum (CC) link

Critical texts for early Christian authors, out of Belgium (Brepols) from 1953-1973, designed to replace Migne with new critical texts.

Corpus Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Latinorum (CSEL) link

Late antiquity and early middle ages, covers Latin writers.

Sources Chrétiennes (SC) link

Series of critical editions with French translation/commentary focused on the sixth century or earlier.

Die griechischen christlichen Schriftsteller der ersten drei Jahrhunderte (GCS) 

In German, there are many volumes since 1897-continuing.  This is perhaps the most important collection of Greek patristic texts. Roger Pearse has an excellent table compiling available online versions

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